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It's Cherry Blossom season! Let's pamper yourself with real Cherry Blossom petals at home, easy peasy!


Spring Blossom:

1. Cherry Blossom bath & shower gel 500ml x 1 unit

2. Cherry Blossom Scalp Balancing Repairing Shampoo 500ml x 1 unit

3. Assorted colour loofah x1 unit

Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel 500m


Leave your skin clear and fair, as bright as cherry blossom blooms in early spring.Rich in natural hand-picked cherry blossom petals and hydrolat, this shower & bath gel is wonderful for skin deep cleansing and lightening.Leaves your skin clear and fair with subtle fragrance.Direction: Wet skin, take right amount and massage in circular movements over body for a while. Rinse with water. Alternatively, apply right amount into bath water for a luxurious bubble bath.


Tokyo Cherry Blossom combines with niacinamide

Tokyo cherry blossom is rich in anthocyanins and a wide variety of natural vitamins to achieve

antioxidant effects, promote skin metabolism and provide fairy skin. Niacinamide acts as a cell-level repairing whitening factor, effectively penetrates into cells, improves skin texture, reduces pigmentation, and evens skin tone.

Cherry Blossom Scalp Balancing Repairing Shampoo


Hair type: Suitable for colour and perm treated hair

Main concern: To reform fluffy hair root with elastic end


Fresh Flower Hair Care: With cherry blossom hydrolate to purify scalp and flower essential oils bring you fluffy hair;

Amino Acid Formula: Provides gentle care for the scalp;

Silicone Free: Won’t block the hair follicles while smooth the hair and prevent dryness;

Perfume-class Floral Aroma: Customized cherry blossom aroma provides long-lasting fragrance.

Spring Blossom

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