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Our Story

Redquay Sdn Bhd strives to bring high quality and innovative personal care products to Malaysia market. Our company products are available in Watsons, one of the leading health and beauty chain stores in Asia and other professional platforms, such as independent pharmacies, dental clinics and hospital.


Kustie is the first brand to innovate shower gels with real flower petals. It not only brings a pleasant sensory experience of fresh flower care, but also provides you with romantic, aesthetic and natural lifestyle of exclusive fresh flowers. 

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Fully imported from Tokyo, Japan, Ahalo Butter is an effective bath and body products that are sourced from  raw collagen, natural plants and botanicals. With Ahalo Butter’s vegan skin care, all skin and hair types will benefit from these formulas derived from fruit and plant butters like shea, cacao, and jojoba. When combined, they create the richest bath and body products on the planet. 

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Unlike toothbrush bristles which are designed for the smooth surfaces of your teeth, the Dentek Orabrush features ultra-soft, pointed bristles that reach deep into the uneven crevices of your tongue and loosen stinky bacteria. The scraper then collects and removes the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping to fight bad breath.

The long handle helps reduce gagging, and allows for an easier and more effective cleaning experience

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