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Kustie Cherry Blossom Silky Body Lotion 🌸

Kustie is a high-end company specializing in manufacturing personal care products created with fresh and natural flower petals. Being a global exporter of multiple skincare products for about 16 years in the industry, let’s figure out why Kustie is counted among the most trusted manufacturers of a cherry blossom lotion that has created some great movements in the international market:

Made of real flower – 100% hand-picked & distilled flower hydrosol added.

Special effect – Antioxidant, tightens pores and brightens skin; Lasting fragrant.

Natural ingredients – natural coconut oil, avocado butter, erythritol.

Exclusive emulsification technique – best user experience

Kustie Cherry Blossom Silky Body Lotion

SKU: 50001
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