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We are at Watsons Malaysia!

Product display is always one of the best way to catch people's eyes and attention! What makes Kustie different? Kustie the first premium natural handpicked shower gel that make it to selected Watsons Malaysia's cashier wrap.

To date, our products is available in 2 size: which is 100ml (with retail selling price at RM 10.94/ unit) and 500ml (with retail selling price at RM 42/unit).

With a grab and go concept, our 100ml Kustie floral range was the first premium shower gel that display at Watsons Malaysia's cashier wrap and it's available in 4 different scents: Cherry Blossom (which aims to brighten the skin tone), Lavender (which aims to promote quality sleep with soothes mind), Chamomile (which aims to relieve the skin irritation) and last but not least - Rose (which aims to keep your skin hydrated). Each of the products play different role and makes your shower experience into another sensation level.

Apart from this, our Kustie 100ml size is handy in size and easy carry in handbag for all occasions, especially for travel purpose. With paragon free and extraction from the real flower petal, Kustie aims to tell consumer the "story" by it's product packaging. All the shower gel is filled in a transparent bottle which increase the sensory shopping experience for customer by enables the consumer to look into it.

More than displaying, Kustie's packaging is eye catchy as in the shower gel is filled in a transparent and visible bottle that allowed the people to "see" into the product itself.

While you're queue at cashier zone to check out your items, perhaps you can look around and hunt us around! Our 100ml Kustie shower gel is placed around the cashier wrap for you to increase the shopping experience at Watsons.

Bring you a new shopping experience and spot us now at selected Watsons stores!

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