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Celebrate Valentine With Kustie’s Valentine Sets! 🌸💕

Surprise your significant other with a complete set of Kustie’s hygienic care items, infused with REAL hand-picked flower petals 🌹🌸🌼 and imbued with natural fragrance for a quality pampering session🛀. Make this Valentine a memorable one, and amp up your creativity as to how you can better utilize our specifically arranged sets to express your adoration. All sets come with a lovely Pink Bear Towel~.

Enchanted Rose

Rose Shampoo & Rose Body Wash 500ml (RM135.82 NP: RM120)

How else would you enchant your romantic interest with rose-scented 🌹hygienic care items? Did you know that roses effectively support nerves and the emotional 😉 and psychological state of mind? It is considered the earth’s natural sedative and antidepressant. Besides being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rose just smells undeniably pleasant. Is romance in the air? More like roses is in the air! Our Enchanted Rose set comes with a 500ml Rose Scalp Balancing Shampoo & 500ml Rose Shower & Bath Gel originally RM135.82 now. You can get it for RM120! Each set, inclusive of a pink bear towel, too cute!

Hello, Love!

Body Wash(x4) 100ml & Mist (RM89.32 NP:RM80)

Hello, Love set contains four 100ml body wash; (Cherry Blossom🌸, Lavender💜, Chamomile💛, and Rose🌹) and Cherry Blossom Face & Body Mist! Kustie’s products are natural-based skin care, which means we strictly adhere to rigid manufacturing standards to ensure the purity of our ingredients (including essential oils, herbs, roots, and flowers) without compromising our ecological footprint. I’m sure anyone would be flattered to know that you’re conscious of your consumption and how it affects the planet. Regardless, by ensuring our products maintain their purity, they can perform more effectively. All four ingredients share the same potency at relieving inflammation and soothing the skin. Though varying in their overall benefits, they are suitable for any skin type! 😃

Tales Of Love

Body Wash(x2) 500ml (RM101.64 NP:RM88)

Anyone would be pleased to have love expressed to them visibly in this material world. The Tales Of Love Set consists of two 500ml Shower & Bath Gel originally at RM101.64, now promotion at RM88, and a cute pink bear towel! 🥰 You can now hand a cheeky body wash (and a pink bear towel) set to your significant other, and just about anyone would be pleased with such a thoughtful gift! The body wash ranges from Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, and Cherry Blossom. Each with such enticing rich, nature-derived fragrance. Don’t forget to mention the benefits that each ingredient offers, as stated in those above–just so that your partner knows you only have the best intention at heart and would LOVE for them to indulge in a self-care flower ritual night!


Mist & Travel Set (RM60.5 NP: RM50)

What cuter way to ask your romantic interest on a staycation 🏝🏖than with an XOXO set that has Cherry Blossom Face & Body Mist and a Travel Set (50ml Cherry Blossom Shampoo & Conditioner and Shower & Bath Gel)! Due to its 50ml size, it is very convenient for travel and doesn’t consume too much space😉. You can ditch your massive bottles of hygienic wash and carry these 3 in 1 travel sets without all the extra baggage! I am sure that most of you are aware of the benefits of these small-sized and easy-to-carry travel sets. Easy to store due to their mini size (50ml), they’re much easier to smuggle just about anywhere! Contaminant-free products are all in liquid form, sealed within a sterilized bottle package. Liquid gels are engineered to produce richer lather and cleanse your skin with much ease. The formula is intended to ensure that you only need to use a little and have a loofah handy to do all of the work for you.

Lost In Paradise

Cherry Shampoo, Cherry Shower, Cherry Mist, Cherry Conditioner (RM257.12 NP: RM200)

Did you know that you can capture a moment in time by using olfactory memory? It’s like your brain has a snapshot of the moment imbued with a specific or distinct scent. What better way to encapsulate your romance than with our Lost In Paradise cherry blossom set? It contains Cherry Blossom Scalp Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner, Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel, and Cherry Blossom Face & Body Mist. All products include real handpicked Cherry Blossom petals, hydrating and antioxidizing. Our products use micro-encapsulated fragrance technology, resulting in pleasant bursts of fragrant cherry blossom 🌸 particles upon usage. Originally priced at RM257.12, now only for RM200.

Cruise through the options we offer and many more at Kustie page. In an age of a coming endemic, hygiene is a crucial conversation. We need to take more practical steps to ensure cleanliness is akin to quality pampering & self-care. Indulge in Kustie’s natural hand-picked flower petals-infused skincare product and spread the love with our Valentine sets! 💕

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