Leave your skin clear and moisturized with Kustie Manicouagan Clay Shower Cream.

Rich in natural mineral from Manicouagan, this shower cream is wonderful to deep cleanse and moisturiz skin at the same time.

Leaves your skin clear and moisturized with subtle fragrance.

Wet skin, take right amount and massage in circular movements over body for a while. Rinse with water. Alternatively, apply right amount into bath water for a luxurious bubble bath.

Kustie Manicouagan Clay Shower Cream 500ml

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    Emphasize on environmental protection, Kustie uses the element “bamboo” for creative packaging on the Manicouagan Clay Shower Cream and propagates the concept of “Taking Care of Earth, Cherishing Resources – Be Thankful to Nature” to customers.

    Natural glacier clay is the gift of nature several million years ago hidden deeply under the glacier range, Kustie Manicouagan Clay Shower Cream is as delicate as silk for the skin. Infused with manicouagan clay which is rich in trace elements like potassium, magnesium and sodium, this shower cream gently removes skin impurities and dead cells. It also improves skin's moisture balance, leaving your skin instantly cleaning and softening.


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