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Combo of Cherry Blossom & Chamomile


Cherry Blossom

- consists of 100% natural handpicked Tokyo Sakura flower petal
- main fuction: brightening + hydration



- consists of 100% natural handpicked Bulgarian Rose flower petal
- main fuction: Nourishing + Moisturising 

Cherry Blossom + Rose

RM111.80 Regular Price
RM100.00Sale Price
  • Tokyo Cherry Blossom combines with niacinamide


    Tokyo cherry blossom is rich in anthocyanins and a wide variety of natural vitamins to achieve antioxidant effects, promote skin metabolism and provide fairy skin. Niacinamide acts as a cell-level repairing whitening factor, effectively penetrates into cells, improves skin texture, reduces pigmentation, and evens skin tone.


    Bulgarian Rose combines with rose essential oil

    Bulgarian rose has more than 300 kinds of nutrients, 18 kinds of essential amino acids and trace elements, intensively nourishing and smooth skin.Distilling 1kg of rose essential oil from 3.5 tons of petals, the nano-sized molecules quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, deeply moisturizing the skin.

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