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🧧 Chines New Year 🧧


1.Kustie Real Flower Petals Bath and Shower Gels 500ml x2

2. Kustie Real Flower Petals Bath and Shower Gels 100ml x1

🌸Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel🌸

Tokyo Cherry Blossom combines with niacinamide

Tokyo cherry blossom is rich in anthocyanins and a wide variety of natural vitamins to achieve antioxidant effects, promote skin metabolism and provide fairy skin. Niacinamide acts as a cell-level repairing whitening factor, effectively penetrates into cells, improves skin texture, reduces pigmentation, and evens skin tone.

💐Kustie Lavender Bath & Shower Gel💐

Provence Lavender combines with tea tree oil

Lavender is considered to be the most effective in calming, soothing, scarring, oil control, anti-inflammatory and skin repair.

Tea tree oil contains more monoterpene alcohol, which beats acne and clears pores, so that the skin reaches a state of water and oil balance and smoothes acne skin

🌼Chamomile Bath and Shower Gel🌼

German Chamomile combines with Calendula

Chamomile contains natural ingredients such as mother chrysanthemum blue hydroxy, which has a good soothing effect and repairs sensitive skin.

Calendula is rich in lutein, flavonol glycosides, and saponins to effectively soothe and repair, resist external damage, and gently protect delicate and sensitive skin.

🌹Rose Bath & Shower Gel 500ml🌹

Bulgarian Rose combines with rose essential oil

Bulgarian rose has more than 300 kinds of nutrients, 18 kinds of essential amino acids and trace elements, intensively nourishing and smooth skin.

Distilling 1kg of rose essential oil from 3.5 tons of petals, the nano-sized molecules quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, deeply moisturizing the skin


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